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The Brotherhood of Cernunnos gives its members a number of ways to get involved, keep in touch and be an active member of our brotherhood.

If you would like to Join The Brotherhood of Cernunnos please complete the Application Form below.
It’s free to join the Brotherhood of Cernunnos but please ensure you have read the information on this site before applying for membership.

Our Values of the Brotherhood

  • To constantly strengthen the connection to the divine masculine spirit
  • All members will show to other members, and in everyday life, the values of respect, honor, loyalty and love.
  • Members of the Brotherhood may want their membership to be confidential outside of The Brotherhood. All members respect that wish.
  • To honor and worship the masculine form in self and others. This includes physique and character.
  • To promote and embody the values of the masculine including-

Learning, Leadership, Love, Loyalty, Honour, Protective, Caring, Kindness, Adventurous, Courage and Strength.
Conditions of Joining The Brotherhood of Cernunnos

  1. You must be a gay pagan male living in the North West UK and/or be willing to travel to meeting .
  2. You must be 18 or over.
  3. You accept and adhere to the principles and values of The Brotherhood of Cernunnos as detailed above
  4. You are Pagan or are starting to walk your pagan path
By Applying for membership you agree to all the conditions of membership above.

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